Top Television Shows for Survivors

There are a vast number of inspiring documentary-style TV shows available to entertain, which allows us to feel the reality and pain of the survival experts in the show who face a life without the extravagant extras that are readily available in our society. There is an audience worldwide for these types of shows. The survival tips given are inspiring and provide us with a sense of hope.

Survival-type television shows are shown on channels like Discovery and Science, but there is the option to watch a vast array of survival shows like The Colony, Jericho, Survivorman, and Falling Skies on http://www.satellitetv.net/.

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This show was produced in Canada and showcases on the Science and Discovery channels with reruns available to watch at OLN or online. The show ran for three seasons with four specials added from 2004 to 2012. The host of the Survivorman show is survival specialist Les Stroud, who used his filming skills to entertain viewers by surviving for up to seven days with no food or water, or very minimal levels. Equipment was also nominal, and in some circumstance, Les had to survive without satellite phone coverage. His adventures were filmed in remote locations, which were per-planned significantly with survival experts sourced for their knowledge. The fact that the show is based on one man surviving in specific locations without the help of a production crew is one reason why Survivorman gained such popularity until 2012, when the show ended.

survivorman show

The Colony

The Colony began in 2010 and is now into its third season. The first season of the American reality TV show centers on ten cast members who must survive in a new environment after a catastrophic epidemic wipes out civilization. The show aired in 2009 on the Discovery Channel. Season two continues on from season one, with the same ten cast members striving to survive in the new environment. The casting for season three is completed, however, filming is on hold.

The Colony show


This American show ran for two seasons on CBS from 2006 to 2008. This fictional show focuses on survival in the small Kansas town of Jericho after a mushroom cloud makes an appearance over Denver, Colorado disabling all forms of communication for the residents, causing lack of communication, limited resources, difficulties with outsiders, a large population unable to care for itself comfortably, and a loss of power. Jericho continued into a season three, but this was a comic book series rather than a live action show. There are talks about the show returning for a third series, plus rumors about the entire series featuring on Netflix.

Jericho American show

Falling Skies

Falling Skies is a fictional survival show about an alien invasion attack that causes mass destruction to the planet killing more than 90 percent of the world’s population, with several characters forming a resistance movement to escape a post apocalyptic Boston. This American show airs on the TNT channel and is produced by Oscar Winning Steven Spielberg. It originally ran as a pilot show on TNT.

Falling- Skies

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