5 Different Types of Dog Beds and Dog Bed Accessories

Usually, most of the pet owners like to purchase dog beds for their dogs, since it is the most comfortable place for their animals to rest. You can get wide range of dog beds in the market as well as online. You can find beds that are overly stuffed, flattered, and pillow-type beds.

You can find very simple accessories that are associated with the beds. Pet owners can customize their dog’s beds according to personality, and style.

different type of dog beds

Washable Type

It is recommended to purchase a dog bed that is easy to clean. Most of the dog beds that you find are washable and easy to clean. Plastic dog beds are ideal for puppies; since they are made of plastic, you can just put a blanket or any other soft clothing that serves as bedding.

You can also consider using vinyl for plastic beds, but it is better to choose something softer for your puppy. It is better to choose something that can be thrown in washing machine. All you need to do is to wipe the plastic bed and later wash the blanket. Once your dog is trained properly, you can move onto a comfortable cushion.

washable dog beds

Fancy Stuff

If you want to see your puppy sleep in style, you can go with a fashionable one. You can find many online dog bed providers that sell fashionable dog beds. However, you need to be a little careful in your selection, in case your dog has the habit of biting everything.

Cushion bed can be the ideal choice for your puppy, because it’s fashionable and affordable. It starts at a low price of just £22.50, and you can get it from

Fancy Stuff Dog Beds

What are the Beds Made Up Of?

Usually, these beds for dogs are made from faux fur, fleece, and cotton. You can also find comfortable waterproof beds, which has pretty quick drying nature. The drawback with the fancier beds is that they are harder to clean.

If you are opting for a fancier dog bed, then make sure that the clothing or material used won’t make your puppy hot. For dogs with thick and extremely long hair, bed made of up faux fur is not the ideal option.

If your dog is small, it is recommended to choose thicker options that come with warmth and cushioning, since these dogs tend to chill faster when compared to the larger ones.

Dog Bed Stuffs

Dog Bed Accessories

Classic dog bed accessories include mattresses, blankets, and roll-up beds. These accessories are designed particularly to match the bedding style, and to be warm in winter season. 

Choosing a Comfortable Mattress

Mattresses made of vinyl, fur, cotton, or fleece fit variety of beds. These roll-up beds are used for traveling and can also be used as temporary bed. With several options available in the market, you should be able to find the one that suits your dog’s requirements, and your style.

Dog Bed Mattress