DIY Guide to Making Your Own Septic System Treatment

Normally for all kinds of septic system treatments, you would consult a good waste water management firm and get your problems sorted out professionally. You can do a simple search on Google and get many suggestions on no time or you can visit www.rmswaste.co.uk waste disposal company if you are in UK for all your waste water related issues. Many people, however, consider going for cheaper alternatives and not hiring professional services as they think they can have their own in-house solution for the problem. However, this approach may not be as efficient in getting the work done as can be a professional waste disposal company. But in any case, if you are considering making one of your septic system treatments then this guide can definitely come in really handy.

Septic System making

7 Requirements for Getting Started

To begin with, there are 7 things that you would need, and they are –

  • measuring cup,
  • pan or a pot,
  • corn meal,
  • yeast,
  • water,
  • sugar, and
  • whisk

Septic System planning

5 Simple Steps

Start with measuring 2 quarts of water and pouring it into the pot, which is kept on a stove. Switch on the electric or gas stove and let the stove’s content reach its rolling boiling point. After you see the water getting boiled, turn off the stove.

Add three cups of sugar into the boiling water. Keep stirring the sugar with a stirrer or a wood spoon till you see the sugar completely getting dissolved in the water. Now, allow the water to cool down to room temperature so that you can easily deal with it without actually burning yourself. Now measure three cups of corn meal and then start adding it into the water, which is mixed with sugar, very slowly. While adding, keep whisking it so that there is no clumping of corn meal in the mixture. Keep whisking until you see that all the corn meal you have poured in has completely mixed with the sugar water.

Septic System treatment

To this mixture of sugar, corn meal and water now add 5 packs of the dry yeast and start stirring gently. Now you can pour the newly formed mixture into one of your toilets and then flush the toilet. Now wait till the water fills back again in the toilet tank and use the flush again for the second time.

After this, don’t use the toilet for good ten to twelve hours in order to get the most benefit out of this procedure. Adding this septic treatment can be done right before you hit the bed in the night or leave for work in the morning.

Now start following your regular schedule of pumping your toilet. This septic treatment doesn’t obstruct the regular pumping routine.

Septic System making2

Rinse and Repeat

Repeat this septic system treatment during all the following months for keeping the system running without any problem in a smooth manner. You should understand that these systems rely on good bacteria and enzymes for keeping them working properly. Many detergents, chlorine beach, antibacterial soaps and hydrogen pre-oxide destroy the good bacteria and enzymes.

Adding the tank maintenance additive is vital for replenishing and restoring the active enzymes and good bacteria in the toilet tank.