Beginners Guide to Stitching Photo Frames on Windows and Mac Effortlessly

Generally, you can create outstanding panoramic image with frames, or by stitching several photos together using a photo editing tool. With the help of videos in a panorama maker, it sounds like pretty cool idea to stitch videos and make up a scene.

It is again a difficult task to take photos of the entire play while watching a football match. Panorama Maker is a fantastic choice if you want to stitch photos on Mac. Open Panorama Maker and drag photos to the workspace straight away. The program also automatically identifies the media files present in the folders, and helps you in stitching photos seamlessly.

Windows and Mac Effortlessly

Get a Captivating Artwork to Share the Fun

Simply click on the icon and then select the desired format, and you’re ready to rock and roll! Moreover, there are many advantages, especially if you are using photo stitching software like Panorama Maker 5 Pro. With the help of this program, you canstitch photosto create stunning panoramic views. Arcsoft Panorama Maker is one of the recommended software for stitching photos into panoramas, and turns out to be quite an affordable choice too.

Additional Features

Apart from the aforementioned features, Panorama software also offers five specialized photo stitching modes along with powerful photo editing and media management. This software enables you to print the panoramic photos easily with the help of accessible built-in print service. This particular software is again best for PT Viewer, QuickTime movie, and flash files to share.

You can even turn your photos into three dimensional panoramas. The best thing about the software is that it provisions 3D preview solutions like Line Interleave, Anaglyph, Checkerboard, and Page-Flip. The software can adjust the colors automatically with auto-color-balance feature. You can also edit your panorama by adjusting auto-exposure, auto-brightness and auto-dynamic lighting.

It also supports several popular image formats such as TIF, JPEG, and RAW from your hard drive, scanner, camera or memory sticks. You can also import movie clips like MOV, AVI, MP4, and more.

Panorama software

So, there you have it – a basic guide to extracting the images from videos.

Creating Panoramic Images by Stitching Multiple Photos

It can also be great fun to stitch several photos and create a beautiful panoramic view with the help of a professional photo editing tool like Panorama Maker from Arcsoft.

Fish eye lens cameras are very commonly used for capturing panoramic shots. But, you cannot rely on just cameras to capture a perfect panoramic image; there has to be good photo editing and stitching software to give a fine finish.


Imagerie is another simple and affordable image editor for Mac users, particularly for the beginners. With its powerful features, this is an easy to use program. However, it may not be the right choice for advanced users since it lacks all the functionalities required by the professional users.

Arcsoft Panorama Maker

So, if you’re just getting started, you can give it a try, but if you’re looking for the advanced functionality, then we’d strongly recommend you to try the Panorama Maker from Arcsoft.