Rights of the Disabled According the Quran and Hadiths

The religion of Islam preaches about equality and fairness. No Muslim is superior to-another even if a person is physically or mentally weaker than others;he has the same rights as any other person. He has the right to be educated and supported in Islam. According to Hadiths, Allah (SWT) will show mercy on the Day of Judgement to those who showed kindness on earth to his creation and provided assistance to the weak during their lifetime.

The Holy Quran, is the scripture of Islam. The Ahadithsand Sunnah’s are a collection of stories and events about life and deeds of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Both Quran and Hadiths hold specific instructions and information about the rights of the disabled. The concept of charity was designed for the very purpose of helping the disabled and others who are in need of money, food, shelter and so on.


Abdullah IbnMasoud (May God be pleased with him) was a weak man because his legs were small and tiny. However he was great at explaining the teachings of the Holy Quran. One time, a few companions of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)made a joking remark at his legs. The Prophet (PBUH) stopped them immediately and said;

“What makes you laugh?” He said.“For the legs of IbnMasoud are heavier on the scale on Judgment day than the Mountains of Uhuhd”. This just goes to show that the physical defects in a human being don’t overshadow his true worth in the eyes of Allah ST. All humans are equal and the rights of the disabled should be given to them as Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) himself encouraged others to do so.

Zakat foundations

This is precisely why Zakat foundations and child charities exist today; to reach out to those who need help especially if they are physically and/or mentally incapable of taking care of themselves. Zakat was designed for the betterment of the lives of helpless Muslims. Unlike charity however, Zakat is an obligation on all Muslims who reach Nisab. It is given during the month of Ramadan and it is highly advised that people payingZakat give their contributions to a person or family that is truly struggling to survive.

Zakat foundations

Atta IbnAbiRabah was a Mufti (Islamic scholar) under the caliph Abdul-Malik IbnMarawan. Atta IbnAbiRabah was physically disabled. He suffered from paralysis. However, because of the right to education for the disabled in Islamic belief, Atta IbnAbiRabah ascended as the greatest scholars of his time. Thus, Quran and Hadiths tell us to provide both support and education for the disabled and one of the best ways to do so is by giving Zakat.

Disabled people not only deserve our help but also our respect and affection. This Ramadan be sure to give Zakat to the needy, the poor and the disabled. Islamic perspective is that each individual is created with both advantages and disadvantages. If a person is more talented in one area, he might be weak in another. Not everyone is aware of the rights of the disabled which is why people don’t emphasise on giving Zakat to the disabled.