Lpg Fuel System

Questions to Ask before Switching to LPG

Rising fuel prices are encouraging lot of people for LPG conversions. Fuel oil prices are increasing continuously and show no signs of stopping. LPG conversions can be applied to your home without compromising the efficiency of the heating system. Switching to LPG Is easy but before going ahead with the conversion process, you should keep in mind the following ten questions.


Where Do I start?

Companies like http://www.flogas.co.uk/ give complete LPG services and look through their website will give you all the information you need to determine if LPG is right for you. As a large national company, Flogas can be relied upon more so than some smaller companies and, furthermore, the entire service is available from one provider.

Switching to LPG

Will it really be useful?

Saving money is always an attractive option but is that enough to motivate you to change? There is an inherent cost in switching fuel sources but that cost is counterbalanced by the saving potential of LPG.

What would be the Impact on the Home?

If you already have an oil tank this question is easy to answer. Provided the original tank was installed in the most appropriate place and the installation is still sound it should be a case of changing one for the other. If your house is currently connected to mains gas there will be the need for a tank to be installed but the whole process is not too time consuming and any reputable company should be able to undertake the installation from start to finish in a matter of days.

Switching to LPG

Can I change my Supplier?

If you are interested in switching LPG supplier the process is quite simple and straight forward. Every LPG supplier wants to increase their customer base so shopping around is worth it. But beware of false economies! Having a reputable company in your corner means you will receive a better service and supply will always be possible.

Where would be the tank installed?

Depending on the type of property you have the tank has a few options. There are clear restrictions and guidelines as to where an LPG tank can be placed but the best way to find out is to contact the company and do your own research.

LPG tank

How will it affect the resale value?

Property prices are fickle but installing a more efficient fuel system that reduces the environmental impact of the property can only be a good thing. Council tax may not be directly affected but the energy rating will be and that can have a positive impact on the value of the property.