Choosing the Right Bathroom Fans – Things for You to Consider

Choosing a lavatory fan does not seem to be difficult. In addition, you may think that they are virtually all the same. However, despite all the seeming similarities among them, there are various differences and we have discussed all such things in this article.

Types of bathroom fans

1. Ceiling Mounted

These fans are mounted in the ceiling of bathroom at specific locations. The places are selected such that they will be most effective in providing ventilation to the place. As they are close to the living areas you can hear there noise. However, there are several advanced ceiling mounted bathroom fans that are quiet and do not make any noise like the old type ceiling fans.

Right  Bathroom Fans

2. Inline or remote fans

These are called remote bathroom fans as they are located in areas away from the lavatory, usually in the attic or loft. There is a hole in the lavatory ceiling covered by the grills and it is ducted to inline or remote fan. One more duct runs from another side of that fan to the outside of the house.

The main advantage of inline bath fan is that just one fan can also be connected to many inlet ducts. It doesn’t matter, if the inlets are located in various areas of a solitary bathroom or in different bathrooms. It means that only one remote fan can easily ventilate two or more bathrooms. This will avoid the extra charge needed in installing an individual fan in the ceilings of each lavatory.

3. Wall mounted (External) fans

These fans are mounted outside the houses on any external wall in the vicinity or attached to the bathroom. They are never installed inside the bathroom or attics. These bathroom fans are the best option in situations, when there are no accesses or practical ways to expel through the ceilings or roofs.

However, you should always remember not to install this type of fan near windows as the moist air that is being relinquished can come back inside through these places or openings.

Right Bathroom Fans

Choose the right features

You should keep following factors in mind for selecting the best fan for yourself.

  • Choose the fan with proper capacity. For big bathrooms use big fans and small fans for tiny lavatories.
  • Use energy efficient fans. You can buy the fans with required energy efficiency. Do not forget to see the energy efficiency label on them.
  • Remember to check the fan for noise. It is advisable to use fan with low noise.
  • You can also choose the type of control. Based on controls the fans are available as fully automatic, semi automatic and manual. People generally prefer the manual fans.

You can ask for design and features in the shop easily. Many online websites will also give you information about latest designs. Finalize, only after proper checking.


It is advisable to look for warranties. As these fans are going to work for wet environment, be sure that the fittings are tight. Pay due consideration on its fitting.

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