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How to Choose Your Chinos – Look Good For Work and Play

Chinos are different from other kinds of trousers. Unlike jeans, they are quite thin and are made of 100% cotton. Well, most of them are fully cotton. You will also find chinos that are part cotton, part polyester, because they are cheaper and look very similar. They are offered by premium as well as mainstream fashion brands.


Why people love them  

Chinos are quite flexible when it comes to purpose. You can choose them for work and you can wear them for parties. They are equally at home in both environments. People tend to like chinos because:

> They are very comfortable to wear
> They are very lightweight
> They are available at a wide range of prices
> They are flexible enough to make thin and bulky people look good

Chinos as casual wear

Chinos are easy on the eyes because they are usually made in more relaxed colors. Although, you can find bright colors chinos too, they are not very popular. For many people they are a wonderful replacement for jeans.

Chinos for work  

This variety of trousers was originally made for the British and French military uniforms. These are highly regimented and formal settings. Therefore, it is understandable that they suit your regular formal clothing. It is important to pair them with the right shirt though.

choosing chinos for work

When choosing chinos for work:

> Choose formal colors because they go well with the environment
> Don’t go for very bright colors, because they stick out in the workplace
> hoose lengths that are above or at the level of your ankle and no further
> Don’t go for heavily pleated ones even if you are not thin

Chinos fashion

Chinos as casual wear  

Although they started out as military wear, the design of chinos is compelling enough that they made their way into mainstream fashion. They are extremely popular with party goers. The plain fact that they provide lightness and comfort works in their favor. When you buy casual chinos:

> Experiment with different patterns. You are wearing it for yourself, after all
> Choose brighter colors than formal chinos, but not very bright, unless you know what you are doing
> If you are thin or have a good body, find ones that don’t look baggy
> If you have a little more weight, pleats will make you look better
> You can choose longer chinos because they might look better for casual dinners and parties

Chinos for work

Finding the right match  

When you have decided you like chinos, you can make them look even better by pairing them with the right shirts and footwear. When you want to find out what might look good with chinos, think of them are replacements for your jeans. Here are a few pointers.

> Check shirts look very good with chinos
> Wear your casual boots it you chose long trousers
> For work chinos, blazers will generally work very well, if you choose dark colors
> If your chinos are neutral in color, choose brighter shirts

Finding the right match

Chinos may not be cheap, but they are wonderful value for money, and they look great with the CP Company goggle hoody. They last for a long time if you buy from good, reputed brands, and they are very attractive as well.