For Anyone Who Deals With ‘The Science Of Water’ This Is The Perfect IPhone App Or You

Hydrologists specifically deal with the science of water. Typically this will involve learning about evaporation and the pollution of lakes, rivers and soil. In order to learn about these factors in more detail most hydrologists and hydrology students will need to use a number of formulas within their calculations. The calculations they make can help us learn about the types of wildlife that can live in and around these surfaces, as well as the ability to determine the likelihood of natural disasters, such as flooding, extreme rainfall and high winds. If you are someone who has a passing interest in hydrology or indeed you are a professional then this may be the perfect iPhone app for you to use.

Hydrology Formulator

The “Hydrology Formulator” app can be of great help to hydrologists and can help them to understand various factors that can affect the ecosystems and indeed the world in general. The app provides access to numerous formulas, which can help you understand things such as infiltration and recharge, evaporation, river, lake and soil pollution, groundwater, etc. The app also contains in excess of 300 programs that allow you to convert formulas between different areas and volumes of water.

The app will include formulas for groundwater, such as – specific storage and storage coefficient, storage properties of Aquifers and their potential yield, Reynold Number groundwater and a whole host more. There are also many formulas to help you calculate infiltration and recharge, including – porosity, dry bulk density, overland flow, infiltration rate, particle deposition rate, hydraulic head of soil, waste entering, river pollution, settling loss rate, river oxygen deficit, peak discharge, sheet flow travel time, runoff, soil pollution, effective diffusion, variance of pore velocity and many more.

These formulas can be used for a number of different projects, including whether property should be built within a certain area, the likelihood that organisms can live in a certain area, and the likelihood of flood, storms and other natural disasters within the close vicinity. These are calculations that most of us take for granted, although they can prove to be extremely important and may even help to save lives at some time in the future.

So, if you are a professional who deals with water on a daily basis you will understand the importance of having access to an app than can calculate all these different formulas. This will save you plenty of time and no doubt a great deal of money when considering certain civil engineering projects.


The “Hydrology Formulator” app can be found in the “Productivity” category of iTunes and can be purchased and downloaded for $4.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and you will require an operating system of iOS 4.3 or later. The app is also now fully optimized for use with iPhone 5. The most recent update to the app fixed a few minor bugs, as well added a number of additional metric formulas which are in use today. As a professional or student who deals with water and its effects on a daily basis you will find this app invaluable and a real time-saver.