Building Your Own Swimming Pool? Make It Come Alive With Our Ideas!

A swimming pool is surely the most luxurious addition to any home? If your house is big enough, it’s a great idea to have a pool room – just think, you could have a private swim in your very own swimming pool every morning before work as the perfect way to wake up! If you have kids it is an even better idea and it will really come into its own as the perfect way of entertaining them and their friends while you get a bit of space to get on with things. Designing your very own pool takes time – you will need to think your options through very carefully. Here’s our guide to getting started:

Building Your Own Swimming Pool

Do Your Research

Before you do anything else, you need to decide on the sort of pool you want. What size and shape do you want it to be? Will there be a separate area for toddlers and children or will it be mainly for adult use? Have a look at some design magazines as well as online – you will not be short of inspiration and ideas then. Look and see how other people have created their dream home swimming pool and learn from their mistakes too.

Do Your-Research

Appoint a Company

Your next step is to appoint a firm of builders and pool installers to make your dream a reality. Make sure you compare quotes from a few different people so that you get the very best value for money. Give them a clear brief on what you want and ask them to come up with a few different designs. Ask them about how the pool is best heated, as well as what you need to know to keep the pool clean and maintained. You will need to treat the water with chlorine and other chemicals so it’s a good idea to get clued up on this side of things while the pool is being built.

builders and pool installers

Think About Extra Features

If you really want to go all out then it’s not just about the pool – it’s also what it is surrounded by that is important. Get some reclining sun loungers for relaxing on, and put in a table and some chairs for when you want to entertain your friends. Consider a separate paddling pool for the toddlers and children, and if you really want to impress then think about having a retractable pool enclosure added so that you can transform your indoor pool into an outdoor pool when the weather is good. Simply shut the roof when the weather gets colder, then you have the best of both worlds!

retractable pool enclosure

Once the building of your pool is complete, it’s time to start enjoying it! The first swim should be a wonderful solitary experience – enjoy having an entire swimming pool to yourself! Once you have had your fun in it, it’s time to organize a pool party so that you can show your friends how wonderful it is! You won’t be short on people to take up the invitation – make sure you have some good music played through decent speakers, along with some choice cocktails!