Aircraft Accidents

Four of the Leading Causes of Aircraft Accidents

Although millions of flights take place every year and crashes and accidents are rare, many people are still afraid to fly, while others want to get their own pilot license and fly their own plane. Whether you’re afraid of flying, or you want to become a pilot, though, you should be aware of the risks involved with being on any aircraft anywhere in the world. This includes knowing what the most common types of airline accidents are, as well as what causes them and how they can be prevented.

To learn about four of the leading causes of aircraft accidents, continue reading. This short list will hopefully shed some light on some of the common problems that aircraft engineers and pilots face.

Aircraft accident


Turbulence can cause injuries to both passengers and crewmembers. Severe turbulence that happens suddenly, for example, can cause people to end up with broken bones and other injuries as a result of being tossed about the cabin while standing, walking, or even sitting without a seatbelt. It is possible to hit the cabin’s ceiling if you aren’t securely sitting in your seat, so whenever the “fasten seatbelt sign” is on or you begin to feel turbulence, be sure to quickly return to your seat and remain with your seatbelt on until you have permission to move about the cabin again.

Landing Gear Malfunctions

Yet another common type of aircraft accident occurs when the landing gear of a plane unexpectedly malfunctions. This can result in injuries, as well as damage to the plane itself. Brakes may not properly deploy during a landing or the tires may even catch fire, but it is important to know that, despite how scary the situation can be for passengers and crewmembers alike, these types of accidents are usually not very serious.

Landing Gear Malfunctions

Bird Strikes

Unfortunately, bird strikes are yet another common cause of aircraft accidents. Many birds end up being hit by airplanes around the world, and they suffer serious injuries and death as a result. Severe bird strikes can lead to major damage to the aircraft itself, and this can be dangerous for those on board.

Cracks that Lead to Decompression

Holes that suddenly open up in the body of an airplane that is in the air pose serious threats to everyone on board. These usually result from cracks in the planes that were not properly addressed and repaired. Although gradual decompression can occur as a result of something like a leaky door, it is usually just a minor issue. But these holes create rapid decompression, which is rarer and more dangerous, requiring the pilot to make an emergency landing.

emergency landing.

Although there are a variety of aircraft accidents that can happen, some of which can cause serious damage to the plane and put the passengers and crew at risk, it is important to note that these accidents are rare. Therefore, if you have to fly and you are fearful of the experience, just remember that every precaution is taken to keep everyone safe.