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How to Remove a Hornets’ Nest from Your House or Garage

All sorts of pests can blight your house or garage, but one of the most dangerous things has to be if a load of hornets make themselves at home at yours. Hornets are very large buzzing insects that deliver quite a sting. They travel in swarms, and if a swarm should attack you or a member of your family then the results can be completely tragic. Many people also have an allergy to hornets – so even one sting can do some serious harm. If you discover that hornets have started to build a nest in part of your house or garage, then it’s really important to get it dealt with as soon as possible. Here is our guide to knowing what to do when hornets take up residence in your home:


Seal Off the Area

If a nest has started to be built, then the hornets will be busy flying in and out gathering bits of wood to make the nest even bigger. They chew up the wood to turn it into pulp which is then used to build the nest. They are not that aggressive towards humans at this stage, because they are too busy building their nests and laying their eggs. However it is important to remember that once the eggs start to hatch they will be much more aggressive as they defend their young. Seal off the area so that nobody walks in without knowing what’s in there, and make sure that no children can gain access to the area.

seal area for pest

Call the Experts

Some people think that they can deal with a hornets’ nest themselves, but they are very wrong. It is not just a case of bashing it down, or even taking it out with a poison spray. Once the hornets think that they are under attack they will go for you, and the results will be catastrophic. Do not even consider going in and dealing with it by yourself. You need to call a professional who will arrive with a full body suit that covers every inch of skin. They will hang strong chemicals which will see the hornets off in no time at all. It may seem cruel but this is the only effective way of getting rid of them.

Call the Experts

Leave the Area for a Week

Once the pest control representative has visited and obliterated the nest, you then need to make sure that the area is left alone for at least a week just to make sure that every single hornet is gone. Once you are happy that the area is clear, you’ll need to sweep up. The hornets make a mess under the nest so you’ll probably find lots of spilled wood pulp on the floor. Give the area a good scrub and make sure that any remnants of the nest are taken out and destroyed. It should be safe to do this by now.

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Never take the chance of leaving a hornets’ nest to grow in your house or garage. They can be extremely dangerous and present a real threat to you and members of your family.