How to Ensure an Employee Service Award Remains in the Memory Forever

The employee service award used to be commonplace in many companies, businesses and large corporations, although it seems to have had its day. However, there is still a place in all industries for such an award, and there is nothing more rewarding for an employee, who has worked at a company for a number of years, to receive some form of recognition for their hard work. Admittedly, over the years these awards have been seen in the form of money, watches, briefcases, home appliances, etc. However, if the truth be told, these types of awards don’t hold as many memories.

Once money has been spent or a particular “award” has been fully incorporated into an employee’s everyday life, they are typically forgotten about. This is probably why it is better to present an award, such as a plaque of trophy, which provides value and memories for an employee every time they see it. An award should provide an employee with some very proud memories whenever they cast their eye over it, and something they should remember forever. This post introduces you to a number of tips about presenting a service award.

Employee Service Award

Make Them Feel Important

An employee should be made to feel important, especially if they are being recognized for many years of exemplary service. Therefore, an “awards ceremony” should take place at a meeting or conference, thus ensuring that the award and recognition of the employee is recognized by as many people as possible. The award should also be presented by an individual very high up in the company, such as the CEO, Managing Director or Head of Division, although this depends on the size of the company. This is an ideal opportunity to make a great deal of fuss over someone who has provided many years of service to a company and therefore it should be as a celebration for both the individual in question and the company as a whole.

Employee Service Award


If your company would like to recognize and reward an employee for, let’s say, a number of years of service, then you must ensure that the exact same service award is received. There is nothing worse when holding these types of events for a “winning” employee to feel as though they are not as important, or as well thought of, as recipients of the award from previous years. Therefore, it is important to choose a particular trophy or plaque and then remain consistent and fair in how, when and why it is presented. Remember, you are recognizing the contribution a particular employee has made and therefore you must make them feel special.

Recognition Letter

A trophy or plaque is all well and good, and it definitely makes an employee feel valued. With that being said, it does lack the personal touch a little, and therefore all service awards should be presented along with a letter of acknowledgement. The letter also forms part of the recognition and should name the employee, state their length of service, and even include specific details as to why the employee is being recognized and why they are worthy of receiving the award.

A trophy or plaque