Feeling Musical? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Piano Teacher

At some point or other in someone’s life, they will feel the need to learn to play a musical instrument. Some people are lucky and were taught as a child, but for other people they need to start from scratch. Learning an instrument from the very beginning as an adult is difficult and you will need the help and guidance of an expert to get you started. They will be able to show you the correct way to play the piano, and they will teach you techniques, tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t develop bad habits that are hard to shift down the line. It can be hard to find a teacher that is right for you, so before you decide on one, read our top tips for finding the perfect teacher.

Ask Your Friends

It is always better to find a teacher on recommendation, rather than picking one at random from an online directory. The teacher’s personality is as important as their skill set – you need to find someone who is very good at communicating with people, and somebody that is patient and kind in their teaching methods. Many teachers are wonderfully qualified; however they lack the basic skills in how to teach. Speak to your friends and family, and ask them if they know of anybody who teaches the piano. The chances are that somebody will be able to recommend someone, and they will be able to tell you a little bit about their character too.

Ask Your Friends

Look Everywhere!

Don’t just look in your local directories for piano teachers as they advertise all over the place. Look in your local shops – they may well place adverts in their windows. Have a look online too – there are plenty of online directories that list music teachers. Draw up a shortlist of teachers that you like the look of, and begin ringing round, chatting to them and seeing what they offer. You should always ask them what their rates are over the phone so that it doesn’t come as a surprise down the line.

Test Them Out

Most teachers will offer a free or discounted first lesson – this is a great way of finding out if you get along with each other or not. If you feel that the teacher is not for you, then don’t be worried about telling them and moving on to find someone else – they will understand.

Test Them Out

Make the Most of Your Lessons

If you want to make the most of your lessons, then you are going to need a decent instrument to practice on between lessons. If your piano is not up to scratch, then consider upgrading. You can usually find cheap ones in the back of your local paper (though you may have to employ the services of a piano moving company in order to shift it).

Learning to play the piano is a wonderful way to spend your time – so make sure you find the perfect teacher for you in order to get the most out of it.