Extra Expenses That Come with Sending Your Child to a Private School

If you have decided to send your child to a private school, you have probably already done your fair share of research into the pros and cons that are associated with private schools in general. One of the cons that you may have picked up on during your research is the fact that private schools are more expensive than public schools. Continue reading to learn more about the extra expenses that you will incur if you choose to send your child to a local private school.


Tuition is the main expense associated with sending a child to a private school. When you send your child to a local public school, there is no tuition involved because all of the funding that goes into maintaining the buildings and classrooms, paying the teachers, and providing the books and supplies to the students comes directly from taxpayer dollars. You are already paying into your child’s education if you are sending him or her to a public school. A private school does not receive public funding and instead relies upon tuition from parents. This can cost thousands per year, so you have to be ready to bear the burden of this extra expense.


Other Fees

Other miscellaneous fees that come with sending your child to a private school include those that you need to pay to give your child access to textbooks and workbooks that will be used throughout the year. You may also need to pay for other supplies that will be provided by the school. Yearbooks will probably not be free either.


Private schools use uniforms to allow students to not worry about appearance as much. By providing children with uniforms to wear that will make everyone look the same, there will be less of a risk of boys and girls alike bullying one another based upon their fashion choices. And this is particularly helpful for students who come from lower income households who may not be able to afford the latest trends and may, in turn, be bullied for that. But in order to reap the benefits of uniforms, you will have to purchase them. And you will have to replace old uniforms or those that your child has outgrown, and you will continually need to purchase new shoes every year, new socks, etc.



In addition to tuition, you will also need to participate in fundraisers throughout the school year in order to help keep the private school open. Again, private schools receive no funding from the government, and tuition often does not cover all of the expenses that these schools incur. Therefore, you will probably be required to attend special fundraising events, purchase raffle tickets on a regular basis, or find other means by which you can donate much-needed funds to the school to keep it functioning at its best.

There are many added expenses that come along with sending your child to a private school. But the benefits of sending your child to one of these education institutions should definitely outweigh the extra costs.