5 Simple Tips to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

Finally, after being a bridesmaid in a dozen weddings, it’s your turn to be the bride. You’re probably excited and busy, planning the fairytale wedding that you have always dreamed about. Let me start by congratulating you and then add to it by saying “wise decision”. If you are reading this, you have decided upon or at least considering an outdoor wedding. If you have attended an outdoor wedding, you will know how lovely it is. The sky over your head and the scenic beauty around you will complement your loving union perfectly. I am simply here to provide a few pointers that will help you along the way, so let’s get started.

Always Have a Plan B

An outdoor wedding is a wonderful option, but it shouldn’t be your only option. You never know which way the winds will blow, so it is wise to be prepared with a contingency plan. Host your wedding outside a planned venue, so if it rains, you can pull the chairs inside and get married anyway. It will be a waste of time to invite so many people and have them wait till the skies to clear up.

outdoor wedding

A Small Price to Pay for Comfort

I have never been the one who enjoys weddings, especially the ones where couples neglect their guests. I know it is your special day, but if you are celebrating it with your friends and family, you have to take their needs into account. Outdoor weddings can be difficult on guests, due to the excess heat and bugs. Provide a constant supply of cool refreshments for your guests and install bug zappers to keep bugs away from them.

Am I Loud And Clear?

An important thing missing in open environments is acoustics. There are no walls for sound waves to bounce off on. This makes it difficult for your marriage vows to be heard. Microphones are a necessary investment in outdoor weddings, if you want your voice to be audible. Two mikes and a good quality speaker is all you need for a small and intimate wedding.

open environments

Simple yet Elegant Decorations

Decorating a large open space isn’t exactly feasible. However, with a few simple tricks you will get the desired result. A simple arch decorated with flowers, is all that is needed as a backdrop for the wedding. You can create an aisle by supporting flower bouquets with sticks. During the evening reception, place lanterns under tablecloths to give it a wondrous glow that will illuminate the night. You can’t spend all your money on decorations. You still need to buy outdoor furniture.

outdoor wedding furniture

When Nature Calls

Bathrooms are a necessity at any venue. Since your venue is surrounded by nature, you will need portable bathrooms for when nature calls. When we say “portable bathrooms”, we don’t mean the ones used in camping trips. Rent a bathroom that has extra amenities, such as a wash basin and a mirror. There are some portable bathrooms that look and feel exactly like a normal one. The people who use these bathrooms will be dressed in fine attires. Hence, it is necessary that you provide them with a fine bathroom experience.

It is important to remind you, that having an outdoor wedding isn’t what makes it memorable. What makes a wedding memorable is sharing it with the right people.