Commercial Security – How to Protect Your Office from Break Ins

An office stores all sorts of things that, if they fell into the wrong hands, could cost you a lot of money. If you are an office manager or owner and you are in charge of the security of the premises, then it’s really important to take your responsibilities seriously. A break in could be catastrophic for the business and could lead to a huge loss of income, not to mention a serious amount of inconvenience. It’s important to remember that thieves are always a step ahead, so basic locks and bolts just aren’t going to deter them. Every office could benefit from increasing their level of security, and in this article we will give you a few tips on how to do this:

Remember Your Online Security

The threat of theft is not just a physical one. Thieves can gain access to your computer systems and gain access to loads of money and sensitive information even from a completely different place. When reviewing your office’s security you must also take into account the security of your electronic and online documents. Everything should be password protected and access must be limited to only those who really need it. Business identity theft is booming in the criminal world so if you’re not careful you may find that you make it easy for the thieves to take out loans and make huge purchases, all in your name.

Online Security

Get Adequate Insurance

Of course, you can’t predict every disaster, so you need to make sure that you are insured to the hilt to protect yourself from all sorts of losses. Have a word with an insurance advisor and make sure that your level of cover is sufficient. They will advise you on how to make sure you have got everything insured properly, and they will also help you assess your risks in general. Take their advice seriously and make sure you are always up to date with your premium payments. You need to insure both your buildings and your contents (and you will also need cover for business interruption, public liability and commercial fleet cover for your vehicles).

Upgrade the Physical Security

Have a security expert visit your premises and ask them to appraise your current level of security. They will recommend measures that you can take for increasing your security, for example installing surveillance cameras or upgrading locks and alarm systems. They will give you a report which will detail every single weakness in the security of your premises, and they’ll also give you loads of helpful recommendations which you should make it a priority to implement. If potential thieves see that you take your security seriously they are far more likely to move on to find a more naïve victim.

surveillance cameras

It has never been more important to take the security of your business seriously – too many people are falling victim to the many criminals that are out there, and losing a lot of money as a result. Make sure your premises are as impenetrable as possible and always take measures to lower your risks.