The Men’s Answers To Why Women Love Day Spas So Much

Anyone who is in the day spa industry will tell you that it might be the best kind of business. From a business point of view, it would be quite the ideal career to provide anyone the opportunity to relax and be paid while at it. However, putting up such a structure is quite an investment, and you may not be sure what the response will be from the masses in a certain locality. However, this is what business is all about – taking the risk! The good side of this coin is that with these economic times, occasionally, you yourself will want to visit a spa, given the stresses and the pressure our offices and homes give us. That is why it is quite easy to find women flooding the spas around your neighborhood all weekend long – they just need it, don’t they?

Men have finally accepted to let their women be, and to have them go for a few hours out to relax in a spa, catch up with close girlfriends and chatting about anything and everything in the presence of a masseurs, who just happens to be a stranger. The truth is that even if this is beneficial, men just know the key reasons why women love the spa. Here are some of them from the men’s viewpoint:

  1. Women just love the gold old gossip time

As much as they hate to admit it, women are real naturals at gossips. They will gossip about everything that seems remotely important to society, from the hottest baseball player in the league to the newborn that the new neighbor got last month. They even know how to gossip about other people’s pets. Unfortunately, they will not do it from the comfort of their homes, as their hubbies are keen to listen, correct and possibly spoil the gun derived from the conclusions (if there are any). As their physical structure relaxes, they spend this time to let it all out. They will speak about their boyfriends and husbands, telling the good, the bad and the ugly about them – and this is how they get to let the steam out!

day spa

  1. They get time to regroup and come up with a game plan in the love game

Whether we would want to admit it or not, women always fight in groups. They are too free with each other, and thus consult with one another when it comes to issues pertaining to life, love and relationships. The day spa offers them the perfect hide out joint to dish out the plans for the next invasion against their male counterparts, and you wonder why they are so good at the love game.

  1. They just want a time-out!

It is more than a place to relax! The spa has consistently become a place where the women would get a time-out from their partners. Let us just admit it – the good book tells us that God looked at man and said that it is not good for him to be alone. Men are actually very lonely beings without women, and we do extremely poor without them around. The problem is that we overuse their role, always wanting them to be around and on call. In many instances, they are overworked, and would love to have some time just to forget about their natural roles as ‘man’s helper’, to do nothing but just unwind. 


  1. This is when they love showing it off!

If your woman has a fine body, she will often visit the spa. Of course, she will tell you of the health benefits the day spa offers, but in reality, she just wants the female world to see what she has. Women know it when they look great, and they know it when their female counterparts are jealous. The interesting thing is that they will keep rubbing it in that they have a good body, just to keep the jealousy warm enough.

Next time they tell you that they are from the day spa, just know that a lot goes on in there! At the end of the day, though, the good thing is that they will have gone through a rejuvenation and ready to face the world once again (or their husbands at home once again). The spa session itself will definitely have loosen some of those angry muscles inside the women. For the men, that is all they will need to know about the women, so why not allow her to go anyway?