Exterior Painting Tips to Give a New Look To Your Homes

Painting the exterior of your house is a huge job, but the results are great. A good exterior painting job will extend the life of your house. Accomplishing this task successfully requires more than just patience and perseverance.

Painting the exteriors of your house can reinstate the over look of your home. Painting it with a color or with the mixture of different colors will add beauty to your home. Before finalizing the colors, take help of an expert or do a little research on your own. Consulting a reputed contractor is also a good idea, as they are experienced in this business and will fairly guide you.

Exterior paint

If you like to do the job yourself, then here are a few steps that you can follow:

Initially, you’ll need to pressure wash the exterior walls of your house to remove green algae, mildews, flaking paints and others, using bleach and M1. After the wash, scrape the remaining paint, if any, with the help of a metal brush or sharp scraper.

In case you find mildew, then scrub those areas using rag or a scrub. Oil and water based paints attract the mildews. Thus, if you want to get rid of it completely, then you need to add some mildew inhibitor to the paint you are using. Most of the high quality paints have balanced amount of inhibitor, and thus you need not add it separately. If you have added more mildewcide than what is needed, then the exterior walls of your home will prematurely fade due to excessive exposure to sunlight.

Before painting any metal surface, it is suggested that you inspect it properly and remove all the loose paint with a metal brush. For such surfaces special acrylic bonding primers are available in the market.

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For older walls:

If the home structure is older than five years, then it will automatically leach out under a painted coating. In case it is less than five year old, then you can avoid this problem by applying a solution called muriatic acid. You’ll need to take proper precautions while applying this solution as it is very caustic in nature. It is recommended that you wear goggles and rubber gloves for safety.

If there is any bare wood in your home, then apply good quality latex based or oil based primer on it. This primer will directly bind with the wood. First coat that is applied on wood should be of good quality otherwise the primer and top coat will naturally peel off.

Covering other things at home:

Before starting the painting job it is recommended to cover all windows with plastic sheets and tape them. When you purchase the paint, check its label for temperature restriction. Each category of paint has its specific optimum conditions in which they should be applied. Normally, extreme heat should be avoided.

Exterior Painting

If you want to use a roller for painting the lap slide, then back brush it to evenly spread the paint. Start painting from the top and paint the larger areas first. In case you want to apply more than one coat or mix the colors, let the let the first color coat dry completely, and then apply the second one.

It is best that you do not compromise on quality to save time and money, as you will pay for its durability. Thus, invest wisely and be content with your paint job.

From what we have seen above, home painting jobs require close attention and focus. If you don’t have the time or equipment, it is always a better idea to hire reliable painting services like PMC London Painters.