Great Ideas for Jewelry That You No Longer Wear

There is absolutely no point in coveting jewelry that you no longer wear – but too many people tuck valuable pieces of jewelry away in a box so that it never sees the light of day. At the very least, you should get this jewelry insured – but there are loads of other things that you could be doing with it. Those pieces that you no longer wear could have considerable value or may be able to benefit you in another way. In this article we are going to give you some great ideas for what to do with that unwanted jewelry. Read on for our top tips and tricks:

Sell It

Of course, if the pieces of jewelry have sentimental value, then you will find it very difficult to sell them on. However, if you are able to detach yourself from them emotionally then you could stand to make a considerable amount of money from it. You can use this money to buy yourself some new jewelry – or even something completely different such as a vacation! When you are selling jewelry it is important to know what you have got, so make sure that you take it to a jeweler for a valuation before you place any adverts for it. You can sell jewelry through buy and sell sites, or you could place an advert in your local paper’s classified section.


Pass It On

Even the most beautiful jewelry is useless to you if you are not going to wear it – so if you are coveting pieces of jewelry that you are never going to wear then it may be worth passing it on to somebody who will. For example, it could be passed down to your children for them to enjoy, or alternatively you can give it to a friend. It will be nice for you to see it actually being used rather than just being hidden away.

Have It Redesigned

If the jewelry has sentimental value to you but the style is not to your taste, then have you considered having it redesigned? It is entirely possible to have loose diamonds reset into a new ring, bracelet or necklace. Putting these important stones into a new setting will mean that you can wear them again and they will no longer be left languishing in a jewelry box somewhere. Speak to a jewelry designer that you know and trust and ask them to quote for a redesign. They will be able to offer you plenty of ideas – so ask them what they think too. You can have the piece completely redesigned so that it is unrecognizable from its original form.


Beautiful jewelry should not be left to fester in a jewelry box, so have a think about creative ways that you could put your unwanted jewelry to use. There are always loads of better uses for it than for it to be hidden away. Make sure you have regular valuations carried out on your jewelry too so that you know you are insuring it for the correct amount of money.