5 Reasons To Visit Costa Rica Right Now

You are a globetrotter of highest sorts. You are true wander who has sized up miles on land, above it and below it. You like to explore things, unveil the mysteries of nature and leave your footstep on nature’s trail. Well, if wanderlust is the only high of your life and experimenting things makes you feel alive, you need to explore Costa Rica in order to add another surreal place in your traveling repertoire.

visit Costa Rica

You ask why? Well here are 5 reasons that you just can’t overlook if you are looking for a place that is a perfect getaway from mundane chores of life-

Parque Nacional Corcovado

Bio-diversity abound Parque Nacional Corcovado is an ideal place to go on an all-day long trekking and camping jaunt. You will spot plenty of wildlife along the way (a delight for shutterbugs). The pristine beauty of this place is gape inducing and have a balmy effect on the visitors.

Parque Nacional Corcovado

Volcán Arenal

Scary yet mystically alluring, Volcán Arenal is one of the western hemisphere’s most active volcanoes. With red hot lava spewing out in the atmosphere and rolling down its site, it is a spectacle that reinstate the fact that forces of nature are unstoppable and we can mere watcher on the sideline.

volcán arenal


A relatively cloistered part of San Carlos, Costa Rica Quesada is a major tourist attraction for the people who want to explore several hot springs. This place is now replete with some of the finest resorts and a visit here is well worth of your time.


Playa Cocles

Went to a coastal area and not visiting a beach is a blasphemy. Playa Cocles, one of the most prominent and famous beaches of Costa Rica, will inject you with all the fun and frolic that you need. A tropical scenery, tranquil air and excellent lodge and food options makes it a must visit without any fail.

Playa Cocles

Reserva Biológica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde

Nature lovers will be in awe! Reserva Biológica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde is a confluence of all the elements the Mother Nature has bestowed us with. Right from the sky high trees to plethora of wildlife and myriads of birds, this reserve offers everything. Also just to take you notch above, well literally, a suspended bridge in the luxuriant Monteverde cloud forest will give you a fly-on-the-wall perspective to the incredulous vistas.

Nuboso Monteverde

Then there are options like bird watching, going on fishing in open waters, taming the wild waters by river rafting and experiencing the bucolic lifestyle by staying in an eco-friendly resort. The options are aplenty, and if you are a true traveler who savor things and imbibe in them, you will love every “moment you live” in Costa Rica.

Author’s Bio;- Jeremy L is an ardent explorer of places across the globe and loves travelling for mile and gobble down tons of food along the way. His motto for life is- “Life is too short; so explore, experience and skip the starters and have the dessert”.