How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products for Your Skin

With the daily introduction of one or other skin care product, choosing one which is perfect for your skin is a difficult process. Some women judge a cream by its smell and some by its absorbent capacity, yet others decide after seeing the color. However, none of these is the appropriate criteria to determine a product’s quality. Let’s have a look at what are the criteria to decide the best skin care product.

Skin type

The assessment of skin type i.e. dry, oily, sensitive or normal skin etc. is just a rough criterion, used to make skincare product selection easier. Much more significant is the present condition of your skin, which depends on several factors such as season, stress, weather conditions, sleep, alcohol, and smoke.

Skin type

Special Care

The subcutaneous skin consists of 20 percent water. However, when it falls below 10 percent, the skin will start getting tighter, reddish and will start itching. Generally, central heating is the main cause of this problem. Moreover, it can also happen because of the age factor. As we grow, our skin becomes dry, which should be treated properly.

Maintaining the required level of moisture is the only solution of this problem. A fat barrier beneath the skin can prevent evaporation without which it can develop cracks that can cause bacterial infection as well.

Special skin Care

Dry skin is also caused by lack of natural hygroscopic substance i.e. urea. Dry skin is said to have 50 percent less urea than the normal one. You can use creams rich in synthetic urea to cure this problem. You will see considerable change within 3 days of use.


Cleanse tone and moisturize! This routine can help you in getting a perfect skin. However, too much cleansing is not good either. Except for removing dirt, you will also remove skin’s natural barrier. The natural antibiotics produced in the body should be retained for better skin.

skin Cleansing

Remove your make-up properly

It is necessary that you clean and remove your make-up prior to going to bed. It can be easily removed with any rich cleansing cream. Do not use soap or alcohol, as it can damage your skin.

makeup properly

You can also use water cleanser with oil for dry skin. Essential oils are highly beneficial and safe to use as a makeup remover. Take any essential oil and gently massage it on your face. You can also add warm water to it and remove with a damp towel.


Dead skin can be effectively removed with the help of mask. It does not need “sanding down” effect created by several harsh scrubs. Just massage your skin gently with a cream or an essential oil after applying the mask. It will remove the excess oil, dirt and dead cells from your face without affecting the antibodies of the skin.

skin care mask

Eye care

Do not sleep wearing eye makeup or mascara. It can lead to dark circles and broken lashes. Apply any oil free remover, designed especially for eyes with the help of cotton balls. Eye socket can also be massaged with any eye cream for proper hydration and stimulation.

eye makeup


Always use branded products. For more details, you can visit popular sites such as

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