New Improved Air Conditioning Units

Has your air conditioning unit seen its better days? If you are currently living in areas where the climate is very hot and dry almost all year round, you know how important it is to have central air conditioning. A window air condition just will not cut it. You will be in the market for something that will cool your entire home so be sure to research about the new technology that is used to create bigger and better air conditioning units. Check out Climatisation Sherbrooke, they are very well qualified and offer top of the line air conditioning units.

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Energy Efficient System

It is important this day and time to save as much money as possible, so you will want to try and find a unit that will help you save on your electricity bill. Most manufactures claim their units to be energy efficient, but that does not mean it is so. These units can cost you more money at the time of purchase, but you will save money each month, on your energy bill, which will eventually add up to a lot of savings. The government approves and supports systems that are Energy Star rated. This proves that the manufacturer has created these units in a way to satisfy the government and will truly cut back on the energy usage. While these air conditioning units are energy efficient you are guaranteed to receive the same amount of output as you would with other types of units. So you are not loosing any benefits, only gaining because you are saving money and still able to keep your home at a nice comfortable temperature.

Changing Filters Regularly

Every air conditioning system or unit is set up with a filtering device that allows the air to flow through a filter before the air returns back into your home. This device works through the use of insulation, where the air travels through it and is constantly recycled. A filter traps all dust, animal hair, pollens, and other small debris that can contaminate your home. In order for these to work properly they must be changed at least monthly. If you fail to change them routinely they will build up and not be able prevent debris from entering your home. It can cause your unit not to work efficiently, causing it to require more energy to keep your home cool. When purchasing your replacement filters make sure that you get a name brand product so that they will work better than the cheaper ones. If you can see through the filter, it will probably not be very beneficial.

Changing Filters Regularly


The best way to find a great deal on a new system is to do your homework and research all the different types that are out on market today. Lots of companies are offering an extended warranty so that you will not have to worry about maintenance or repair on the unit for many years. Manufactures also offer a warranty, at no extra cost to you, just for purchasing one of their units. This is a great way to make you feel more comfortable in buying their products. Again, do your research; you will be glad you did.

Cleaning air conditioner filters

Author Bio: Jamie Daniels is a professional HVAC technician. He often writes blogs about his experience working with heating and cooling systems.