Timeless Looks in Window Coverings

An Understated Elegance

While some people prefer the streamlined look of a contemporary décor, other people like to try the tried-and-true, or want to a traditional décor. Because of its timelessness, a traditional home décor is a popular design choice. Denoting an understated elegance, a traditional design theme is also defined by its interesting use of antiques, colors, and textured materials.

Traditional Colors

Therefore, the colors and tones you use in a traditional living space all set the mood and appeal of such a design. Colors that embrace a traditional look include muted or pale green, cream yellow, peach or earth brown. Colonial blue is also prominently featured in a traditionally designed room. Jeweled tones, such as silver or gold, also add a rich, if not luxurious, look.

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Adding the Accessories

When adding accessories to a traditional décor, you are free to mix textures and patterns. Choose materials and items that complement one another. Damask fabrics are frequently a good choice as well as gold frames or vases made of crystal. Antiques also provide another key facet to the traditional look.

Detailing is Important

Any kind of detail is important to traditional decors as it lends a dimension to the design’s feeling of richness. Adding softness to wood or brass enhances the warmness of the design. Therefore, the use of soft cushions or pillow is also emphasized.

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Where to Buy Traditional Window Treatments Online

If you are seeking window treatments, support a traditional look with such treatments as shutters or Roman or cellular shades. You can obtain further information by taking a look at the American Blinds website. Their vast http://www.americanblinds.com/ selection of window coverings will enable you to include the appropriate window treatments to both traditional and contemporary designs. So, whether you are seeking to accent a country, Colonial, or vintage look, you can find just the right covering for your window or patio door.