Fresh Meat the Halal Way

There is a relentless growth in demand for halal produce. The hugely successful festival held in London last autumn was just one sign of the increasing popularity of halal. Some people eat halal meat for religious reasons but others are increasingly making a positive choice because of the perception of improved flavour. The pressure has been on the food industry for some time. When the scandal of the widespread use of horsemeat broke there were obviously calls for more clarity about what the consumer was actually buying. To date there is little sign that the powerful Food Industry will be forced to become more open about the origin and content in processed food. The consumer will have to accept the status quo for the time being.

Fresh Meat Halal

Clear Origins

When it comes to halal produce, strict Muslims have to know the origin of their meat so that they can be certain that they are falling in line with what their religion demands of them. They obviously look to patronise companies that can guarantee that the meat they are supplying complies in every way with their beliefs.

Convenient Delivery

There are companies that supply fresh halal meat and they will deliver to your door. Companies like have a customer base that goes far beyond the Muslim community that makes up approximately 5% of the UK population. Supermarkets have increasingly begun to stock halal produce and some have counters specifically for halal meat.

Fresh Halal Meat

Widening Horizons

The UK’s love of Asian cuisine has certainly been one of the reasons for the growth in halal meat sales. Ironically, the Muslim community are now also able to enjoy some of the recipes that people in the UK have been cooking for generations, everything from cottage pies to steak and kidney and Sunday roasts. It is just a matter of ensuring that the meat being used is halal.

There is no doubt that halal meat is more widespread than people think because there is no legal requirement for shops to divulge the origin of meat. Some consumers would like that to happen but it looks unlikely that major changes will take place in the short term despite the EU’s love of bureaucracy.

cooking  Halal Meat

Foreign travel has broadened everyone’s horizons. That includes the taste for foreign food. Travellers have found a taste for different cuisine and that includes halal meat which is used widely in many popular recipes. It is a factor that has led to an increase in demand outside the Muslim community. Good suppliers are only too happy to tell their customers about the origin of their meat, confident in its quality and taste. If you are interested, you will be joining the increasing number of people who are buying online; it could not be more convenient.