Sherbrooke Travel: What Visitors Can Do in the City in Every Season

Sherbrooke has become on the only major city in the Eastern Townships region in Quebec. Over the years, the city has become a service industry centre. Given its size (366 km2) the city boasts of a couple of universities, one of which is English and the other French. Aside from its strong manufacturing sector, the city has expertise in sectors like micro-nanotechnologies, clean technologies, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and information and communications technologies representing potential for wealth and employment.

Locally, it is the energy of the city’s local representatives and the knowledge as well as expertise of its managers that make it an ideal place for hosting various conferences and other events. One of the striking aspects of the way of life in Sherbrooke is its natural surroundings. With its sports and cultural activities, the city provides travelers everything they need in order to pick the activities and tempo which fits them. Settled in 1793, the city’s history is rediscovered through heritage homes and museums.

Sherbrooke Travel

However, Sherbrooke also houses contemporary attractions that can be visited during all four seasons. It showcases some interesting and enjoyable events and activities for visitors. Here are some things to do in Sherbrooke (Quebec) in every season.


Sherbrooke is located in a spot where lush vegetation occurs along with early thaws which extends into the eastern part of Ontario and south into Maine and Vermont. During the spring, visitors will be able to witness the sap flowing in the maple farms of the region. A sugar farm can be toured beyond the city in March or early April. Travelers can also enjoy the season’s reward from Marche de la Gare syrup vendors. Bird-watching season begins at the nature sanctuary in Marais Real-D.-Carbonneau.

Marais Real-D.-Carbonneau


Sherbrooke makes a buzz during the summer. Every weekend allows people to watch live concerts held outside the Marche de la Gare. The city also provides local playhouses, Omattera comedy shows and festivals. The summer is the Orford Express’ peak season where people would always love to travel by this tourist train departing from Sherbrooke and touring the Eastern Townships countryside. Trains are run a few times every day from Wednesday to Friday. Every ticket includes a dining car meal. Reservations should be made.

Marche de la Gare


The farmers’ market in Sherbrooke comes back to life in autumn as the fall harvest provides local vegetables and fruits to stalls. The official tourism board of the city suggests a fall outing which blends a market trip with a Fresco Mural Tour celebrating the city’s artistic aspect. This walking tour is carried out for a few hours and halts at all of the big wall paintings which decorate the buildings in the downtown.

farmers’ market Travel


Sherbrooke’s winter is cold to transform the lakes, streams and ponds of the city into skating rinks. The Lac de Nations is one of these rinks running from Jacques-Cartier Park to Rue L’Esplanade. Also, the city holds special winter program to light up its Magog River Gorge dam. In December, the downtown is overtaken by the Christmas Market.

winter season

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