Securing Your Privacy Online Using Proxies

Privacy breach is one of the most common problems that millions of people face when browsing online. The host sites generally retrieve the data and information from your browser when you visit their sites, and this makes it difficult for many to trust these sites. Even though the nature of information taken in most of the cases is harmless, there are a few rogue sites, which actually go one step further to install a virus, ransomware, malware, spyware and other negative elements on your PC to steal your personal or professional information.

The financial information stored on your PC can also be compromised, and this can be really dangerous and lead to grave consequences, if not taken preventive measures beforehand. And, one of the most reliable preventive measures one can take is to use the proxy service on How does proxy helps in securing your proxy? How much protection does the proxy provide? How it safeguards you against the virus and cyber attacks? Here are the answers –

Securing Privacy Online

  • The proxy service ensures that whatever data you send online is encrypted. This helps in ensuring that the data transmitted online does not get in the hands of anyone.
  • The proxy server stand in between you and the host sites, and thus, any attempts of hacking, cyber attacks or virus intrusion cannot take place.
  • The personal or professional data you store in your PC won’t be compromised when you are using proxy servers to safeguard your security and loss of data.
  • The proxy servers also help in accelerating the pace of your internet connectivity. This helps in browsing online much faster.

proxy servers accelerating

  • Unexpected access or unauthorized access cannot take place on your PC while browsing online when using proxy service.
  • Accessing out bound content becomes much easier with the help of proxy service.
  • With the help of proxy service, your online identity would never be revealed online.
  • Your IP address is not revealed when using proxy service, and the host sites are not able to gather information from your browser or store cookies when using proxy server.

IP address host sites

The above mentioned points would help you understand the basics of proxies and how to use them to protect your data and information stored on your computer. Staying secure online is a challenge these days as the hackers have got smarter with their act, and are able to steal information and data on the user’s computer, even when antivirus software have been installed.