How to Stop Smoking Effectively Using E-cigarettes

According to the CDC, tobacco is currently responsible for more than five million deaths every year, across the world. As such, many smokers are looking for the most effective way to quit smoking. The introduction of e-cigarettes in the market, a few years ago, was a huge relief for people who had tried quitting the habit without success. E-cigarettes are among the most effective alternatives to tobacco cigarettes today, which may be used to stop smoking.

Are E- cigarettes Effective?

Many people have tried using e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and are happy with the results. Electronic cigarettes are effective in helping tobacco addicts quit the fatal habit. Over the years, e-cigarettes have been used to successfully combat physical nicotine addiction. This is because vaping wears away the desire to smoke tobacco. So, how do you replace your craving for tobacco with these gadgets?

Are E- cigarettes Effective

Consider Different E-liquid Strengths

Depending on your nicotine addiction level, you may need to opt for e-liquid strength that is ideal. Different e-liquid manufacturing companies produce liquids of different strengths. If the addiction is advanced and you have to smoke many cigarettes to satisfy the urge, you may need to opt for the strong e-liquids to effectively combat the urge. To achieve this, you should buy a strong e-liquid from the leading brands in the country and use it in the gadget. You may need to use the strong liquids for a while, preferably 8 to 9 weeks, before opting for other strength levels of the liquid.

Consider Different E-liquid Strengths

When to Use E-liquids of Lower Strength

With time, you will notice that your craving for nicotine has reduced. For instance, you will notice that you do not need to use the gadget as often as you used to in the past to satisfy the urge. You may also start forgetting the devices at home or the office and remember about it later on. This is an indicator that your reliance on the gadget is declining. As such, you should start using e-liquids of lower strength in the e-cigarette. Not constantly thinking about smoking, as you used to before, could also be an indicator that your reliance on the device is declining.

Use E-liquids of Lower Strength

The moment you start using the low strength e-liquids, you should start leaving the gadget behind deliberately for a while. This will help lower your reliance on it as well. For instance, you can start leaving the pack in the car as you get into the house. As such, the e-cigarette will not be readily available whenever you feel like smoking. After doing this for a while and realise that your dependency has declined, you should think of going zero on nicotine.

Use E-liquids of Lower Strength

The most important thing when it comes to quitting smoking is to approach it gradually. The trick is alternating the various e-liquid strengths, based on the addiction level. If you progress from the high strength e-liquids to the low strength e-liquids, you will have an easier time quitting the habit, rather than attempting to stop the habit at once. To find out more about e-cigarettes, visit