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Wine glasses increase the enjoyment of wine tasting and drinking as the design is especially made for the connoisseur of fine wine. Glasses come with a stem for a reason – to increase the bouquet and taste of the wines you enjoy. If you are an aficionado of fine wine and cuisine, you can appreciate the application and design of the glassware used to serve and drink wine.

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Why You Cannot Drink Wine from an Ordinary Glass

You don’t want to merely sip your wine from a drinking glass, such as the one used for the everyday consumption of beverages. You need to use a goblet or a wine glass with a stem to receive the full benefits of tasting the wine as well as the health benefits that are associated with the beverage. Using a regular drinking glass does not allow you to bring out the drink’s full flavour. The stem allows you to softly swish the wine in the glass in order to bring out its bouquet and “spirit.”

That is why wine is an important drink to consume as long as you don’t overdo it. The goblet used for wine-drinking allows you to “taste” the grape concoction, slowly enjoying the flavour. Fine wine is never meant to be gulped down but, instead, fully savoured. That is why the kinds of glasses you use are important in this respect.

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The variety of grapes used to produce wine and how the beverage is manufactured and stored all add to the drink’s special characteristics. You can bring out these attributes if you learn to enjoy the beverage in the right way. Without the proper drinking utensils, you may as well as be drinking any kind of drink.

The Health Benefits of Wine

However, that being said, wine indeed is special, especially to vintners in the wine-making trade. The red variety has been studied quite extensively by the medical community as well. Medical researchers have found that drinking red wine lengthens one’s life and protects the wine connoisseur against cancer and heart disease. The drink has also been shown to be advantageous to people suffering from depression.

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When Wine Was First Produced

According to Cornell University, the first time grapes were cultivated for wine-making was around 5,000 BC in Mesopotamia. The grapes were also harvested along the shorelines of the Caspian Sea. During this time period, the drink was primarily enjoyed and consumed by members of clergy, kings and queens and the influential. Typically, peasants drank mead, beer or ale during the period.

Egyptian tablets that were found, which date back to 2200 BC, mention wine as a kind of medicine although the drink was savoured by the upper classes and royalty. However, by the time wine-making caught on in ancient Greece, every class was known to consume the beverage. Among the Greeks, the beverage was a popular theme of mythology, religion, literature and medicine.

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Hippocrates Advocated Wine for Its Medicinal Value

When you enjoy that next glass of wine, you can contemplate on what Hippocrates said about the beverage. Hippocrates, also known as the “Father of Western Medicine,” said wine was beneficial to one’s health and diet. He also stated that wine was helpful for disinfecting wounds and was a helpful aid in the taking of medicine. He recommended the beverage for eliminating the pain of childbirth, and treating such maladies as lethargy and diarrhea. The apostle Paul in the Bible also recommended wine as an aid for stomach upset.

Viniculture spread to Rome when the Romans took clippings of grape vines and planted them over their Empire – first in the southern part of Europe and then on the remainder of the continent. By the time of the Middle Ages, Catholic monks often used wine for a variety of medical treatments. Later, medical practitioners advocated the drinking of wine to treat a whole host of ailments, including dementia and sinus congestion.

Wine Medicinal Value

Indeed, wine was often associated with health throughout history as the drinking water at the time could not be considered potable and was often scare. During a cholera epidemic in 1892, wine was utilised to sterilise water. However, that all being said, temperance movements, which did not advocate the consumption of any kind of alcohol, started underscoring the dangers of drinking alcohol – not only to one’s soul but to his overall well-being.

How Much Is a Moderate Amount?

That is why, today, people often wonder what, typically, is considered to be a moderate consumption of wine as a moderate consumption is advised for overall good health. How much can a woman or man drink before the health benefits turn into dangers? To make a determination, you need to factor in a person’s weight, sex, age, overall physique and their current state of health. Also, you need to assess whether the drink is being consumed on an empty stomach or with a meal.

Moderate Amount

Women absorb wine more easily than men because they have a different level of enzymes in their digestive tracts. Therefore, a moderate amount of wine for a woman will be lower than what it is for a man. According to the National Health Service in the UK, men should not drink any more than four units of alcohol per day while women should confine their consumption to no more than three units. A unit of alcohol typically measures 10ml of pure alcohol. Therefore, a large glass of red wine contains about three units of alcohol while a medium goblet of wine contains about two units.

Where to Find Affordable Wine Glasses Online

That is another reason why it is important to use a goblet or wine glass to consume your wine. Wine is healthful and good for you, especially, when it is drunk in the proper way. Therefore, it is important to find glassware that is affordable and easily available. When looking for glasses online, you may want to source Pattersons Wholesale Wine Glasses to get a good overview of the glasses that are offered and their prices. You can also review other kinds of glasses when you visit the site.

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