Top Reasons to Go with Ductless Heat Pump

Our life is changing fast today and so are our needs and technology too is advancing rapidly to meet the demands of today. The conventional window and split air heating systems too are getting replaced by ductless air conditioners or “mini splits’. It is proving truly beneficial in today’s lifestyle though awareness is lacking. It provides many advantages, compared to traditional systems with ducts. Few of its advantages are –

Ductless  Heat Pump

  • Easy Installation – These systems are very easy to install since they do not require any expensive and invasive ductwork. Their installation is not only hassle free but can be done quickly. They also allow you to keep the aesthetics of your house intact.
  • One Unit Providing Both Heating and Cooling options – Not only are these units small and flexible to handle, but they also provide you the option of both cooling and heating. Instead of heating and cooling an entire house or building, it provides one the flexibility to heat or cool a small area or even a room with the help of a thermostat. This caters to individual needs as well as is cost effective and energy saving.

Heating and Cooling

  • Cost Savings – Though the initial cost of installing a ductless system may be higher than the conventional system with ducts but its lower operating costs and terrific energy saving benefits which result in low energy as well as maintenance bills make it cheaper and hassle free in the long run. At the time of purchase too, it is not uncommon to get great rebates and discounts on the units.
  • Energy Saving – Being ductless, they save on the unnecessary energy loss associated with a conventional system with ducts. It also saves on energy by reducing the amount of wasted air that is directed to spare or unoccupied rooms. They also require less energy to operate than the conventional unit making them a affordable choice for almost everybody. This also makes one qualify for a utility rebate from qualified utility company like Washington Energy Services.
  • Health Benefits – In a conventional system, fungi, moulds and bacteria easily grow in the vents even after being maintained. This causes the air that flows through them to become contaminated and can cause various health issues like asthma, allergies etc. The ductless system has no such environment and thus ensures a cleaner, healthier and fresh air. It does not have the dirt and the debris that would normally accumulate in a duct. Additionally its evaporator coil makes it accessible and easy to clean.

Health Benefits

  • Ultra Quiet – Most ductless systems are extremely quiet even when on very high speed. One can barely hear them. This makes it a great asset over conventional units.
  • Availability of Great Styles – A vast variety of styles are available from models attaching to the ceiling or wall to models standing on the floor, thus offering more interior design flexibility and helping maintain the aesthetic of the house.

Considering the advantages, ductless heat pumps are an ideal choice for any and everybody especially over traditional systems. Operating effectively in cold temperatures, they are a cost effective, energy efficient choice.