The Number One Way to Protect Your Franchise

For years, you’ve dreamed of owning your own business in Sydney, and your dream is finally going to be realized. You’ve spent hours of time and valuable energy making sacrifices to save enough money to become a franchise owner. You’ve examined all the possible businesses you can become involved in, shadowed successful franchisees and dedicated endless days asking and answering your own questions, and have even hatched a business plan to make your dream a success. However, now that you’ve expressed an interest in buying a franchise for a particular business, a hefty, several-hundred-page book has been slapped on your desk: the disclosure document. As you hunch over the papers and begin to read, your mind wanders and your eyes droop. What are all of these terms? Will this dry material never end? Can’t you just skip to the part where you own a franchise and reap all of the benefits?

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Your Future Is Priceless

The reality is that every prospective franchise owner needs to arm themselves with a lawyer before embarking on their business venture. After all, while you’ve spent hours learning about the business you want to buy, franchise lawyers in Sydney have spent hours combing through disclosure documents, franchise laws, and important cases. When your finances and your future are at stake, it’s crucial that you invest in them by procuring the most sound, knowledgeable legal advice possible. If you forget just one clause in your disclosure document or set up your business as the wrong type of corporation, your career as a franchisee can be terminated. What’s more is that laws are constantly changing. With a franchise lawyer, you’ll be able to focus on what really excites you – your new business! You won’t have to spend hours poring over your disclosure agreement again, trying to understand how changes in the law affect you. Instead, you’ll be able to relax and simply call your attorney.

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Keep Your Business Safe

This is because franchise lawyers don’t just explain long, boring documents to you so you can ensure that you do everything right. They also provide you with expert, researched legal advice, helping you to make the most informed choices. With their help, you’ll be able to protect your legal rights and liabilities; analyse business opportunities and come to favourable, negotiated agreements; and develop strong, positive franchise relationships, which will help your business succeed. They’ll also be familiar with your franchise if something does go wrong.


One of the best rules of thumb to follow as a business owner is “know your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.” As legalities aren’t your expertise, hiring a competent and reliable franchise lawyer will allow you to delegate your weak point and make it strong. You’ll have an expert standing beside you, ready to passionately mediate, defend, and resolve. With studied, critical advice and experience, you’ll be able to relax knowing that whatever you encounter, you’ll have someone there on whom you can depend on.

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