The importance of Car maintenance

Are you looking for MOT, services and repairs in Watford? There are many reputable garages that can give your car the maintenance it requires. Most cars need to be serviced every year from the date they are first driven off the forecourt, whilst you’ll need to take your vehicle in for an MOT every year from its third birthday. Car maintenance procedures help you to keep your car safe and roadworthy. They help your car retain its value and help you stay on the right side of the law. Some small defects can lead to big problems if you don’t attend to them. Take your car in for regular maintenance when it needs it and you’ll be able to avoid storing up costly repair work.

Car maintenance

Make your car more fuel-efficient

What actually happens when your car is serviced depends on manufacturer guidelines, whilst MOTs are the same every time. Good car maintenance helps you get more for your money at the pumps too. High fuel costs can be a significant source of stress for drivers, so stick the manufacturer’s guidelines if you want your budget to go further.


Which garage should you go to?

Most well-maintained cars sell for more than those that don’t, so you’ll certainly feel the benefits of taking your vehicle in for maintenance should you wish to sell it in future. If you don’t know which garage to go to, why not ask friends or family members for recommendations? Alternatively, you could look online to see which local garages have the best reputation. Failing to stick to manufacturer guidelines can cause you big problems later on, so don’t underestimate the importance of following the instructions laid out in your car’s paperwork. The better you treat your car, the more glad you’ll be about doing so later on.

Which garage