How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Pearls

When one steps into a shop for buying pearls the biggest question bothering him is how to know whether the pearls he is going to purchase are real. No matter how much one studies theoretically about pearls, practically it becomes quite difficult to differentiate between real and fake pearls.

An Introductory Note on Pearls

There are fundamentally 2 types of pearls that one would need to be aware of. One of these types is from the sea, while the other type is cultured pearl or fresh water pearl. The pearls that come from the sea are of excellent quality and are harder to obtain. Hence, these are expensive. It must be remembered that it takes a long time for a pearl to develop as it begins as a dust particle that gets trapped within an oyster.

On the other hand, the cultured or fresh water pearls are developed by men through the culturing of oysters. A speck of dust is manually injected into an oyster which is then kept in water for months before they are harvested. Thus, cultured or fresh water pearls cost less compared to the pure ones obtained from the sea.


How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Pearls:

  • Rub two pearls together – If a friction is felt between the pearls, the pearls are real. Fake pearls when rubbed against each other would never produce friction.
  • Rub two pearls together – A small particle would come off and the pearls would have scratch marks. Rub over the scratched areas of the pearls. If the scratch marks disappear and the pearls look as if nothing had happened, it can be told for sure that the pearls are authentic.
  • Burn the pearls with fire – Pearls are fire-resistant and never melt. If some burn marks appear on the pearls, simply rub over the marks. If the marks disappear in an instant, the genuineness of the pearls is confirmed.

Real and Fake Pearls

The above-mentioned simple tips are effective ways of differentiating between genuine and fake pearls. Remembering and following these tips ensure that one is never deceived while buying pearls. Enjoy buying, gifting, and wearing pearls, the most beautiful wonders of nature!