The Top Toys for Each Age and Stage

Kids (and many adults) love toys. Not only are they colourful and fun, but they are educational and allow children to explore new ideas and concepts, which they may not have otherwise considered. When carefully selected, the toys you present to your child can help them develop and grow. This is why we have put together this list below of the best toys for every age and stage.

Kids love toys

The Best Toys for Babies

Everything is new to your brand new addition, and your baby is eager to explore the world around him. Each new shape, colour, taste, sound, and texture he encounters in his daily life is fascinating and is a new learning experience.

The best toys for infants and older babies are those that are stimulating and will help your young one discover his or her senses. Some of the best toys for babies include:

Toys for Babies

  • Rattles
  • Musical toys
  • Toys with contrasting colours
  • Blocks

All of the above toys are great selections as they help your child develop his or her vision, explore object permanence, figure out cause-and-effect relationships, build motor skills, and improve his or her hand-eye coordination.

child develop

The Best Toys for Toddlers

As your child begins to walk and talk, he will also want to play with a larger variety of toys than when he was a baby. Most toddlers still love getting on the floor and playing with their baby toys, which should be encouraged (toys such as blocks will provide them with brand new educational and creative opportunities as their knowledge base continues to expand). But they are also ready for more advanced toys that will teach them more about language, numbers, letters, and logic. Some of the better toddler toys include:

  • Shape sorters (many of these now include different colours, textures, numbers, and letters for additional learning opportunities)
  • Larger Lego blocks
  • Wooden puzzles

Toys Wooden puzzles

The Best Toys for Pre-Schoolers and School-Aged Kids

When your child reaches preschool, you will notice that the number of toys available at this stage and beyond are significantly more diverse than those made with babies and toddlers in mind. At this stage, you can begin to select toys you know will pique your child’s interests as he or she has probably now displayed or expressed a preference for one type of toy over another.

Apart from choosing toys which will allow your child to explore further his or her burgeoning interests, the toys should still encourage further learning about numbers, letters, and language skills. These toys may range from simple wooden puzzles featuring every letter of the alphabet to high-tech electronic gadgets loaded with different games that teach your child different subjects and ideas. Try out new and innovative toys as well to challenge your child’s thinking and creativity, such as Automoblox, kinetic sand, and wooden train sets.

Toys Preschoolers

Playtime with children of any age not only gives them the opportunity to learn numbers, letters, and critical thinking skills, but it is a valuable opportunity for you and your child to bond while having fun together.