What Healing Power does Chocolate Offer?

Most people would be wondering why a chocolate gift box is good to offer, as most of us do not know about the various health benefits of chocolate. Some kinds of chocolate have been apparently good for us. According to the doctors, as long as it is eaten in moderation, chocolates would offer health benefits. Some forms of chocolate contain high levels of chemicals called flavanol. There has been a healthy amount of scientific research done to indicate that flavanols could lower blood pressure, cholesterol and enhance blood circulation. Flavanol has also been an antioxidant, which could help the cells of the body to resist damage from free radicals.

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Truth about Healing Power of Chocolate

Chocolate could be good for health, but the problem is that several processed chocolates such as candies and chocolate bars often found in a gift box, do not contain enough flavanols to do you any good. The processes used to manufacture commercial chocolate clearly take the flavanols or flavonoids out of the cocoa, from which chocolate is made.

Therefore, if you want make your girlfriend or wife healthier along with allowing her to experience the health benefits of chocolate; you should most likely add dark organic in the chocolate gift box the next time. It is recommended to avoid purchasing a chocolate gift box that comprises Chocolate that has undergone Dutch processing, as Dutch processed has been treated with alkali that removes the flavonoids.

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Organic or Commercial Chocolate

The best method to get the health benefits of chocolate would be to consume a dark organic chocolate. There are organic chocolate bars, which comprises high number of flavonoids. They are made available at health food stores and some supermarkets. Those who are concerned about their health should most likely avoid most of the popular commercial chocolate candies, as they are made from milk chocolate. It has been reported that commercial milk chocolate would be found in the average chocolate gift box. However, it simply does not contain enough of the flavanols to do any good to you.

This could soon change, as chocolate manufacturers have been becoming aware of their product’s potential health benefits. Various studies reveal that a number of companies are trying to develop healthier chocolate bars and candies that would be rich in flavanoids. This means that it would be possible to purchase healthy chocolate from anywhere.

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Fat and Chocolate

The good news about organic chocolate fat has been that it contains huge amounts of stearic and palmitic acids. These are good substances found in olive oil. Doctors believe that these substances would neutralize the cholesterol in chocolate. Nonetheless, it might not be extremely fattening, but people should still be careful about what they purchase. Many products might contain other fattening ingredients such as marshmallows.

The best product to purchase and eat is the dark organic chocolate with limited consumption to a few ounces a week. A chocolate gift box containing small pieces of dark chocolates would be an appropriate gift for a person who has concerns about his or her health.

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