Three Ways Oil and Gas Software is Changing Industry

Access to the known stock of oil and gas is getting harder and harder to create. As the world begins to move away from the non-renewable resource for energy, we also are finding that the need for both gas and oil is growing. This is because many countries that were once dependant on such fuels as coal are now upgrading to oil and natural gas. With this new demand comes a need for oil and gas software to ensure a continued supply to these markets. From oil rigs to pipelines, the need for smart solutions continues to be in demand.

Oil and Gas Software Give Real Time Solutions

The world is not a static place, and nowhere is this more evident then when you are standing on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. The need for real time conditions both on the surface of the water as well as deep on the ocean floor are critical to the health and safety of everyone on board. But without the analysis provided by these new and innovative software programs, all the information would be without value. By taking current readings, historic readings and knowing the stress points and vulnerabilities of the rigs, these new and innovative software programs can help both designers and on site crews find the right solutions at the right time.


Analysing Stress in Pipelines

There are many types of stress that can affect the structural integrity of a pipeline, no matter where that pipeline is running. From the mountain regions of northern British Columbia to the badlands of Texas, pipelines are becoming the most cost-effective way to move oil from a rig to the final destination of either a ship or a refinery. While no one can anticipate every type of condition, many of the oil and gas software systems being developed now can recreate the terrain, stress, and various loading scenarios that any given pipeline system might encounter. When the region that the pipeline will run through has design standards that require the ability to foresee these conditions, this type of software can be the difference between meeting standards for moving the project forward or being stalled in the planning stages.

Oil and Gas Software is Changing Industry

Keeping Sites Safe and Secure

The geology of an area for a proposed pipeline, oil rig or any other element of the oil and gas industry, is a critical component for its success. The introduction of software that offers a geological information service or GIS to the project can turn it from a question mark to a sure bet. When the information from such a system allows a company to not only extract information on the geological impact of the plan but also do so safely with high production values, investors know this is a project worth backing. From the board room presentation to on the spot installation and crew management, the software we use today in the oil and gas industry helps everyone to make smart decisions to keep the industry productive and strong.