The best in bolt storage

Do you have industry or commercial storage needs? Do your needs require a diversity of storage types ranging from liquid storage to dry storage?  Well, Golf Coast Tanks & construction (GCT) may be able to fit your storage needs. Offering over 75 years of experience with designing and constructing when coming to storage construction. Providing customer support by a dedicated and experienced service team. Their bolt storage units offer swift and quality assembly, saving your company money with every aspect of storing whatever you may need.

What kind of Storage space offered?

GCT offers a wide variety when it comes to bolted storage units. First off all GCT units can be designed to meet the clients need and specifications. With all of their products being constructed off site for easy assembly and installation.  Starting off, GCT has water units available, for potable water and industrial waste water housing. GCT units can also be used for drilling mud and fluid storage. Utilizing fiberglass to build oil and gas units to combat the degrading properties that steel cannot handle as efficiently.  Fluids are not the only thing that GCT can house, some units offered are designed to house dry storage, such as gravel, coal, and sand. When it comes to industrial or heavy duty commercial storage, GCT has almost everything covered.


Assembly process

Once you have chosen to hire GCT to build your bolt storage unit, the process is quite simple in fact. GCT starts out by clearing the site and surrounding area of debris and vegetation, then they build a solid base for the unit to be housed upon, using either sand or stone. Constructing a concreate structure to reinforce the base. Once that is complete, the individual panels are fabricated in a factory controlled climate off site. After that, each piece is bought to the site for assembly, gaskets are fitted between each structure creating a strong seal. With these steps completed and with all necessary additions installed, the roof is placed on last for completion.  Bolt storage units can be assembled nearly three times faster than more traditional methods of storage construction.

Lifespan of Bolted Tanks

Because of the way all tanks are manufactured, each piece is formed fitted, causing for a sturdier unit once assembled. Having each piece constructed in individually, any damage to the unit can be easily replaced, cutting the cost of repair and maintenance considerably. Most alternative construction methods usually leave inconsistences with construction and lead to corrosion. GCT can even reconstruct on older storage foundations, replacing obsolete units.  Another factor with each piece construction is the cutting edge polymer, that is coated on each individual part. This coating systems also meets all FDA and USDA guidelines and requirements, as well as conforms to NSF standard 61 for potable water. GCT storage units use only superior materials held to the standards of AWWA, NFPA, API, and FM Global.

With the quality of their bolt storage unit, it clear who holds the most used trust with their customers.