How Testosterone medication can be useful?

Testosterone has been used since many ages for bulking, cutting and boosting performance. However, it was primarily built to treat the deficiency of hormone in the body but later became more famous among bodybuilders and athletes to enhance both physical and athletic performance.  There are countless brands which provide Testosterone or similar supplements legally by a prescription. But, almost half of them are not genuine or ask much more than what other trustworthy Steroid vendor ask for. Testosterone is a highly potent medication given to people to deal with a variety of conditions and the effect of that vary from person to person. So, if you are prescribed atestosterone supplementation therapy (TST), you need to do some research before actually having it.

How to use Testosterone?

Before using any Testosterone Steroids, it is necessary to know how it works in our body, its function and the possible side effects. Testosterone is basically a hormone which is synthesis by male testes and a bit of it is produced in women ovaries too. The dosage for testosterone depends on various factors which include your age, composition of body and most importantly the expectations and overall desired outcomes.  If you want to stick to low Testosterone supplements for fewer side effects then you can try out Anadrol but it is mostly recommended for men only. Mostly doctor refers Testosterone if you are suffering from sexual or erectile dysfunction or for people with HIV/AIDS who want to increase their strength and stamina. The normal Testosterone level is essential for maintaining a proper libido and overall well being. The testosterone supplementation therapy (TST) is a great option to fix all these problems and has also been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  So, with a prescription from a doctor, you can buy any sort of Testosterone supplements in any form whether it is a gel, cream, lotion or Injection. The therapy is mostly used to reduce the symptoms of hypogonadism which plays the major role in creating problems like Sexual dysfunction and decrease libido. According to a research in America, it has been found that around 30 percent of people suffers from this sexual dysfunction and the sales for these androgens has gone up by 500 percent in the last 5- 10 years. To avoidtheunnecessary side effects associated with Testosterone, you must maintain a proper diet and a proper sleep along with following the prescribed dosage cycle by the doctor.

There are natural supplements with are filled with herbal ingredients but many professional bodybuilders and athletes don’t go for them as they are quite lesser effective than manmade anabolic Steroids.  If this drug is taken under proper guidance of a physician or an expert it can also help you promote lean muscle mass, bone density and treat erectile dysfunction and also HIV patients to gain weight and strength. But, if you are not careful about using it then you increase the risk of liver toxicity, Polycythemia, Hair problems, join pain and even Gynecomastia.