Best outdoor game for you and your friends

Laser tag is a fun way for children to get exercise and make new friends. Laser tag is about teamwork and players need to cooperate with each other in order to win – it’s also very competitive! The games take place over two rounds, where the first round will see one player from each team playing at a time against another player from the opposite team.

The equipment used is very safe as it’s non-contact – this means that you won’t get hurt if someone touches you (although they will still see an effect).  Game equipment includes vest, goggles and Laser Tag gun with a light beam that’s used to shoot the opponents – they’ll see an effect if shot but won’t feel anything. There are no special skills needed but there is a lot of running involved on both sides of the game where one player from each team plays against another person from the opposing team until all rounds have ended.

Laser tag also has more than one game type such as Capture the Flag or Free for All where players can fight each other in teams of two. It gets really competitive when there are three people on one team against another group of four so it is best played by either group of five or ten people at once.

Laser-Tag guns have different colours that signify what rank you’re playing for: green means beginner; red meaning intermediate player while yellow signifies expert level play. Each person plays until their time runs out then they must wait outside before entering again into the Laser-Tag arena.

At Laser Quest Singapore There is no limit on how many times you may play but remember that there is limited space so we do ask people to rotate after playing a few times. Laser tag is a great way to build confidence and reduce boredom which many children experience during the holidays, so come and have fun at Laser Tag with your friends!