3 ways in which cloud can help the banking industry

Cloud is nothing but a technology that enables people to use software, develop applications, store data, and manage these data online without having anything physical. The only physical element in cloud processes will be the central data center located somewhere in the premises of the service providers. All that is required for these processes to take place is the internet and it is available to almost everyone in this digital era. This cloud technology has been used for various processes in different sectors. However, technology is now slowly entering the banking sector as well. Since the majority of banking operations are happening privately to date, experts are predicting a turnaround in the banking industry after the adoption of banking cloud technologies. Banks can gain a lot by switching to cloud technologies. In this article, we are about to discuss three ways cloud adoption can help the banking industry in brief.

Prevention of online transaction scams

You may have come across several online transaction scams where people’s money gets deposited into someone’s account. For instance, let us assume that a company X sends money to its supplier’s bank account online. The efficient scammers capable of hacking banking systems can hack this transaction and make their accounts the receiving account without the knowledge of the company and the supplier. To prevent customers from such scams, the banks, and the payment gateways can use cloud systems to verify the receiver’s bank account well before the transaction happens. Likewise, there are several possibilities for the prevention of transaction scams by using cloud services.

Analytics using machine learning

Another way cloud technology can help the banks is through the provision of data science capabilities with various tools and technologies like machine learning and deep learning. Using these technologies, banks are capable of analyzing their customers’ behavior and make alterations in their processes to retain them. These technologies can also help the banks to beat their competition and get more customers by understanding their wants. It could be of great help to the bankers.


The third element that forecasts a beneficial future for the banking system with the usage of the cloud is automation. As most traditional and manual processes can get automated with optimized software applications using the cloud, the productivity of the banks will improve. The bankers will also work with reduced pressure and workload.