Environment-Friendly Practices During the Lockdown 

You might think you’re already helping save the environment during the lockdown since you’re not going out. The truth is that you can do more. Certain practices will help in protecting the environment. It would help if you tried to follow these tips.

Support environment-friendly companies 

Since the lockdown started, you have ordered more items online. You have relied on delivery services since you’re afraid to head out and mingle with other people. While it’s a good thing to follow health protocols, it could also have damaging effects on the environment. Make sure that you only support companies with environment-friendly practices. It encourages them to do better and continue their sustainable practices. It also entices other companies to do the same. They know that they can get more support if they implement changes.

Request the minimal use of plastic for packaging 

The good thing when ordering items online these days is that you can easily leave a note. It tells the companies certain changes you want with your order or how it gets sent to you. If you want to be more environment-friendly, you should indicate the minimal use of plastic for the packaging. If multiple items can get lumped into one container, it’s better. As long as the items are secure, minimal packaging shouldn’t be an issue.

Use your car only when necessary 

You might still want to head out to buy some items or to at least have a change in the environment. You can do so, but it should be at a minimum. Make sure that you don’t always use your car since it can cause pollution. Avoid going on a trip. You might also risk your health if you interact with other people in closed spaces. You should keep working from home and travel only when it’s necessary.

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents

You have more time to clean your house these days. It’s a good thing. You should keep doing it since health is the priority. You can still get infected with other pathogens if you have a dirty house. However, you have to be cautious in using harsh cleaning agents. Avoid using chemicals. If there are safer homemade solutions, you should stick to them.

Teach your children to care for the environment 

Another good thing that came out of this pandemic is that you can spend more time with your children. You don’t have to go to work as you normally would. You can work from home and have a more flexible time. Use it wisely. Teach your children how to care for the environment. Show them how your partnership with Evergreen Junk Removal can be great for the environment. You have more time to explain to them the steps you took to be of help.

The lockdown isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you look at the other areas. Environmental protection is one of them. Even when restrictions are no longer in place, you should continue doing what’s right for the environment. You already started, and it’s easy to keep going.