Preparing for GATE Exams

Have you accepted the fact that appearing for GATE exams is crucial for Engineering Graduate students? Do you think appearing for GATE exams helps to not only analyse your performance or knowledge in Engineering subjects, but also serves as a value addition to your career? If your answer to these questions is a resounding “yes”, then it means that you have understood the significance of GATE exams.

If you know the importance of GATE Exams, you will also realize how crucial it is to prepare well for the exams. From the previous year’s papers to books and notes, including the GATE difference between articles will help you prepare most effectively for the exams.

How Important are GATE Exams?

GATE exams are used as a yardstick to measure your calibre and subject knowledge and skills if you are an Engineering Graduate. However, there is a misconception about the GATE that it is valid for only M. Tech or M.E candidates who aspire to get into a teaching career. But, it is not complete information. Almost 217 PSUs/ Public Sector Undertakings, including BHEL, Indian Oil Corporation, NTPC or Baba Atomic Research Centre, also consider the GATE scores while choosing candidates for their organizations.

Tips to Prepare Effectively for GATE

Since we have already established the significance of GATE, we will attempt to put together a list of little tips, hacks or strategies and tools to prepare most effectively for the exams, thus aiming to score well in it. Take a look at the list below:

  • Refer to previous years’ question papers with solutions, and analyse the subject pattern to see which topic has maximum weightage so that you can focus on it.
  • Go through GATE books by reputed publishers, which deal with fundamentals and focus conceptual clarity.
  • Also, practise those books that provide time-consuming and challenging questions.
  • Refer to multiple books on the same topic to understand and learn the concepts thoroughly.
  • Concentrate more on the topics and subjects that you are weaker in
  • Prepare well ahead and keep time for a couple of revisions before the exams.
  • Keep updated with the changes and latest developments in the GATE exams.
  • While answering the exams, starting with easy MCQs or one mark questions will help to build your confidence at the onset.
  • Also, while attempting to answer, leaving off the questions you are unsure of is the best, especially for those questions where you could get negative marks.

Applying these strategies for exam preparation and answering questions is a sure short way of assuring good scores in the exams. To get the best results, you are also advised to refer to other resource materials, notes, or articles such as the difference between http and https. Apart from knowing about the topic, other reference materials and the differences between articles also provide an in-depth explanation of the concerned subjects and subtopics.

Got an idea of how significant the GATE exams are? Have a general idea on how best to score in these exams? Following these hacks and preparing well for the exams is the key to perform well in these exams.