How to prevent your dog from being frightened by fireworks?

Although many people don’t know it, the constant sound of fireworks can cause anxiety in dogs and even be fatal, especially when the explosions are intense. Since you can’t stop people from using fireworks, use puzzle toys for dogs to keep your pet entertained during times like New Year’s Eve. Keep in mind that it’s not about putting your dog in a room full of toys. It’s about spending time with it, to help it cope better with loud noises. If your dog is very anxious, try dog treat puzzles toys to keep his brain focused on the smell of a tasty snack, rather than the unpleasant sound of exploding fireworks. Add to that your presence, and your dog will feel the confidence to face those scary sounds.

Is it a good idea to sedate your dog?

Dog sedation is a temporary solution that has side effects that can be unpleasant for your dog. When your dog wakes up after being sedated, it feels nauseous and is usually disoriented. Instead of sedating your dog, you can use Zylkene or play soothing music to dull the sound generated by the fireworks. Another alternative is to use CBD oil specially formulated for dogs, as it helps improve their ability to relax. It is not a drug, but an extract obtained from the hemp plant that improves the communication of neurons in the brain. In other words, your dog will be able to relax more easily. Some people even play a movie for their dogs to keep them distracted during celebrations. It all depends on what your dog likes.

Cuddling is not enough

If you search the Internet, you’ll come across the sad story of a man who hugged his pit bull during a New Year’s celebration, only to find that it died at his hands. It’s not enough to hug your dog to relax him. Remember that the sound is coming in through its sensitive ears, and if your dog is not trained to withstand them, the level of fear can be so great that it causes your four-legged friend to go into cardiac arrest. Yes, that’s how serious the consequences of fireworks sounds can be. Play with your dog while playing music, or use toys with hidden snacks to keep it distracted. Over time, your dog will get used to the sounds because it relates them to fun activities. Remember that dogs learn by repetition. Eventually, your dog will understand that fireworks are not dangerous, and he will get used to them.