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Testimonial Video in Sydney- Things to Consider Before Shooting a Testimonial Video

Video testimonials are popularly used as a means of marketing. A video is a great way to tell the world how far your business has come. However, shooting corporate videos is different from shooting other videos. You have to keep many things in mind. For instance, if the video is over- promotional, it may begin to lack credibility. The video must be directed to ensure it retains credibility, and delivers the desired effect.

You can sing praises of your own products for days, but at the end of the day, people are more interested in finding out what customers think about your product. That is why testimonial videos are so important. In a world where competition is rising to unprecedented heights, businesses use testimonial videos as a very effective tool for marketing. Simply put, testimonial videos are videos made by the company which highlight the experience of an actual customer. If your business is based in Sydney, Australia, you may want to consult with a testimonial video Sydney based firm about the next steps. However, before you do, here are a few things to consider:

Shooting a Testimonial Video

The Style

The style of the video plays an important role. Will the video simply feature the head of a talking person, or will you show them sitting on a sofa or table? Will you use a single camera or opt for two camera angles? By shooting from two camera angles, the final video can be edited to look more engaging.

The Style

The Budget

Your budget will determine how the final video will look like. Companies that shoot testimonial videos usually have different price points. For instance, shooting from a single camera is cheaper than shooting from two camera angles. The more “unique” and distinguished you want the testimonial video to be, the more you will have to pay for it. Your budget will determine what goes in the video and what cannot be included. It will also determine the overall length of the video. Usually, testimonial videos should not exceed 3-5 minutes. That’s because viewers begin to lose interest in this period of time. Most companies generally prefer 1 minute testimonial videos.

The Budget

The Speaker

The speaker’s words are very important. Have you decided on a set speech or are you willing to let the speaker use their expertise to finish the video? Usually, production houses create set speeches and carefully plan every single part of the video. For instance, if you are following a Q & A format, you should create scripted questions and answers. These questions and answers must be rehearsed with the speaker beforehand.

man in studio

Graphical Imagery

The beginning of the video plays a major role in how it plays out. How do you plan to start the video? Will it begin with a text introduction or will you show the company’s logo? Remember, it is important to grab the viewer’s attention from the very beginning. Text can also be used during the middle of the video to leave a greater impact on the viewers.