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How to Prepare your Home for Real Estate Viewings

Modifying a property for potential owners to view can be slightly overwhelming. The process can be a little time consuming, but it need not be a daunting and stressful one. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to creating that image of clean, spacious living that all homeowners want to convey.

  1. De-clutter

This is the time to have a huge clear out and sort through items, instead of just hiding them away. The process will help you greatly with the rest of your move, and ensure that the space does not come across as claustrophobic. Creating this de-cluttered and tidy aura will go a long way in inspiring viewers and giving them the impression that they could easily make the space their own.


  1. De-personalise

It is important to remove signs of personal living so that the space feels neutral and the viewer feels like they could make it their home. No potential buyer wants to feel awkward, so that means removing posters, photos and any general personal items. You need to see the property as a clean slate, and no longer your private home.


  1. Re-arrange the furniture

You likely had the furniture arranged to suit your needs but now it is time to re-arrange the pieces to maximise light and space, and showcase the limitless possibilities of your beautiful home. This is where Emblem (a home staging company) can help by creating a plan and a vision for the presentation of your home to prospective buyers.

Re-arrange the furniture

  1. Present a spotlessly clean interior

A dirty house will deter buyers instantly.The bathroom and the kitchen will pick up the most scrutiny, so be sure to deep-clean them so that they are looking as squeaky clean as possible. Similarly, hire a carpet cleaner and ensure that there are no visible stains.

Follow these simple steps and your property should be viewer-ready in no time.